I am on an adventure to discover the benefits and joy of couponing. I do not plan or expect to become an extreme couponer. I want simple savings for my family in which I can translate that savings into family vacation time each year.

Why get samples?

I post several links for free samples on my Facbook fan page and while some understand why others have asked why.

Not only are you getting a great sample but most samples are sent with coupons. I use the coupons and save the samples for later use. One of the most frequent sample I have acquired over the years is toothpaste and deodorant. I use the samples for vacation or those times you run out and need it now.

I often have quite the stash of samples. I do request samples when their is a product I have yet to try and wish to.

No matter your reason requesting samples is always a good idea in my book.

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