I am on an adventure to discover the benefits and joy of couponing. I do not plan or expect to become an extreme couponer. I want simple savings for my family in which I can translate that savings into family vacation time each year.


For years I watch people talk about using coupons to get the best deal. I always thought that is just too much work to save a few dollars? I was wrong. You just have to understand how coupons work and savings is more than just a couple dollars.

I want finding savings all over and not just at the grocery store.

I was recently at Bath and Body Works to check out the clearance items. I was given a coupon to use to save $10 on my purchase of $30 or more. Not only did I find items from 50-90% off but I got an extra $10 off. I ended up with $134 (before tax) worth of product for $36 (after tax). Now that isn't all coupon savings but just another way to increase savings with coupons.

That is the key it seems in some of the coupon savings. Match with sales, other coupons, or bundle items that cause the other item to save. Of course I am new and still more to learn but I am excited to see what I can save.

As I save on my monthly budget I plan to move that savings over to a savings account that will help fund our family vacation. We have a big one next summer so any little extra is always helpful.

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