I am on an adventure to discover the benefits and joy of couponing. I do not plan or expect to become an extreme couponer. I want simple savings for my family in which I can translate that savings into family vacation time each year.

Start A Coupon Train

Even with just starting couponing I still come across coupons I have no interest in using. So why not pass them on? Start a coupon train with your local family and friends. I am starting one very soon.

How this will work is every 2 weeks or so we will start with an envelope of coupons with a certain amount of coupons available. The person I pass on to will take as many coupons as they need. They will replace those coupons with new coupons. For example, if they take 10 coupons they will replace with 10 new ones. Once they have done so they will pass it on to the next person. This will continue until it comes back to the first person.

This will be an organized train with a certain group of people. As more and more wish to be included we will start new groups. I am capping the groups off at 5-6 depending on the number of participants. Once we have more than 1 group we will change the group from time to time to get a new flow of coupons moving through at all times. This will begin with our close family and friends so the train is easily passed on.

Do you have family and friends couponing? Start your own coupon train!

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