I am on an adventure to discover the benefits and joy of couponing. I do not plan or expect to become an extreme couponer. I want simple savings for my family in which I can translate that savings into family vacation time each year.

Lessons from the newbie - #1

Something important as I learn the art of couponing is to know coupon policies of each store I shop. Never assume you can or cannot use coupons at any store. Never assume you can or cannot stack coupons at any store. Visit your favorite store's website or simply call and ask about their coupon policy. Don't be afraid to ask. Knowing this information can prevent misunderstanding and frustration at check out.

Print those policies and place in your coupon organizer for reference. Having a printed copy can also help at checkout when a misunderstanding comes about that is in your favor. When a misunderstanding arises politely pull out your printed store policy to help clear the matter. Getting angry, yelling, rudeness, or causing a scene will not resolve the matter even if you are in the right.

Check your store's policies often to make sure there is no change as these can happen without notice.

Be sure to be aware of any limits of coupons are specific policies for large quantities. These specific policies may not be found in your store coupon policy but rather their general policies so be sure to read these thoroughly.

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